Migrants in B&H

januar 21 2020 Galerija slika

Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the still visible traces of the '90. war and the deeply divided population within the Entities, has been plagued by a migrant crisis since 2017.

Since the closure of the Slovenian and Hungarian borders a year earlier, refugees from the Middle East have been making the new route.

Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan have since tried to cross the city in western BiH, Bihac, the easiest way to reach the EU. However, they often return brutally beaten. Since then, by the end of 2019, nearly 30,000 migrants have passed through BiH, including families with children and minors without parental support.

Part of the refugees are residing in a total of 6 camps in BiH, and an equally large portion is free. The MIC visited some of these camps during October. See in the gallery what was recorded on the occasion.

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