Watermill of family Lazic Foto: S. Djordjević

Watermill of family Lazic

april 18 2017 Galerija slika

A married couple Zorica Lazic and Daniel have been working in the family-run 200-year-old mill for their entire life.

Watermill for all the time of its existence has not changed the way it looks and flour production has remained the same as 200 years ago.

Watermill is located in the family home in the village Josanica and this is the only water mill in the south of Serbia which still works.

A married couple Lazic in their mill grinds all types of grains. Cereal grains are ground beneath the stone which is turned by the power of water. Flour produced in the mill is sold and so they provide money for life.

Zorica also uses flour for making various traditional pastries. Her specialty is traditional family bread that Zorica prepares every day.

Photo: Saša Djordjević


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