Youth for Prilep: "What does my municipality need?"

decembar 06 2017

Within the framework of the project "Youth participation through scouting" supported by USAID, and organized by the Association of Scouts of Macedonia, this weekend in Prilep on the open day: "What does my municipality need?" the youth presented their ideas on how to improve the quality of life in the city.

The activities for locating the needs of the youth and the citizens will be carried out in five municipalities in Macedonia, and one of them is Prilep. Responsible manager and implementer of the project in Prilep is the Scout Unit "Phoenix".

The open day organized by the Scout Unit "Phoenix": "Find the scout corner and write down your idea", encountered great interest from young people who were not prevented by the unfavorable weather and rain from coming out and give their innovative ideas with the hope that the ideas will be realized by the local self-government in the future in order to make our municipality a better place of residence.

A number of potential projects took place on the full banner for ideas, including:

summer cinema, youth cultural center, sports center, scout center, outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, street fountains for pets, a larger number of high schools, street dogs care, bicycle path, concert hall, clean air etc.

Filip Stojanoski, an elder of the Scout Unit "Phoenix", said that the young people gave a lot of interesting ideas that they would submit in writing to the local self-government and state institutions.

"In doing so, we will make efforts with our small budget and with the help of the municipality and close associates to realize the easiest and most feasible ideas.”- stated Filip.

In our city there are young people with different skills, desires, talents. We have young people who have a passion for poetry, music, playing, or have leadership skills. To meet their needs, for example, opening a cultural center could be one of the best opportunities for the development of society. There are many examples in foreign countries and cities where the opinion of young people is heard and their ideas and proposals are taken into account when implementing projects that are important to them. The Youth Cultural Center would be an incentive in the society, the young people will start with projects that bring freshness to the society.

We hope that the youngsters as they deserve will be in the focus and that in the new local program there are a number of projects designed for them.

Let us believe in young people and their importance by giving them a chance to change the vision we live in!

Journalist: Martina Biljarovska

Photo: Davor Petreski

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