Mr. Petre Petreski - director of The City Library „Borka Taleski“ - Prilep

decembar 15 2017

The Library „Borka Taleski“ is a municipal public institution in the field of culture that meets the needs of the residents of the municipality of Prilep and its surroundings.

„The total library fund available to the city library is over 120,000, of which 10,000 in the library in Varos and over 10,000 in the library in Topolcani, which are regional libraries. As for the members of the city library, I can say that in recent years that number has been constantly increasing and each year there are an average of 1,500 members more than the previous year.“ - said Mr. Petreski.

„In recent years, we have been trying to be something more than a place where only the books are taken and returned, but to be a cultural center of Prilep, a multimedia institution where various events, rallies, presentations and other manifestations in the field of culture will take place. On this occasion, for 10 years now, we have organized a poetry festival, we called the „Markukule“ poetry, held every year at the beginning of August, under the slopes of the Markо Fortress, it is of a republican character.“ - stated the director.

„Lately, the publishing activity of the library has developed, and it also appears as a publishing house. In recent years, capital editions have been issued, such as the Prilep letter - a monograph for Prilep writers, then the Prilep art phenomenon, the encyclopedia of sport in Prilep - Prilep's great sportsmen and many others.“ - proudly concluded Mr. Petreski.

In 2010, the city Library won the most prestigious award "Third of November", which is awarded for the most successful entity in the current year.

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