Football story - The thorny path to success

decembar 22 2017

Zoran Danoski is a 26 years old footballer from Prilep who plays for Pribram - in the second Czech league.

The popular "Shuker" (his nickname) is a star in his birth town - Prilep and he often performs at Futsal tournaments and almost always takes the prize “The Best Player of the Tournament”. He has won the tournament Saint Nikola (a traditional Prilep tournament held in honor of the eponymous patron holiday) several times, which is one of the more prestigious tournaments on a national level. We asked him a bit more about his professional football career:

Martina: Is it hard to succeed as a football player in your local community?

Zoran: Well, the place of beginning of my career was later in fact “The wind at my back”. However, my personal story does not correspond with the situation at the local level. There were a number of talents in Prilep and the surroundings in the years that passed, but not everyone continued the career that they hoped for. The conditions for training, coaching capacities and field infrastructure were bellowing the satisfactory level. The system of selecting players from youth categories was not transparent and the best players in the first team were not selected, but the “best parents”. Also, the financial situation of the club was always weak and often we did not have financial support for away trips. Professional, even basic football equipment, for us - the youth, was a “wishful thinking”. So, yes, it is far too hard to succeed in our community, especially if you do not have the support of a parent, manager, or at least the coach. The national selection was the same story, perhaps even worse. The dream of every successful footballer is to have national appearances, and in our country, how foolish and illogical this may seem to you, the Heads of the National team were asking for financial compensation, in order to be called into the squad - although you are the best player in the league, and several seasons in a row – the best goal scorer.

Martina: You are currently playing for Pribram - Czech Republic.  Can you tell us a little more about your beginnings?

Zoran: I started my career in Pobeda, the best club in the city, with a long and successful tradition, which, unfortunately, has remained in the past.

Prilep fudbaler 2

I began to train at the age of 6 and I have trained for 8 years in Victory, but a friendly match in the village Konjari made my first major success. The management of the Belasica team recognized my qualities and suggested that I participate on Torneo di Viareggio, tournament in Italy, which is one of the best tournaments for recognizing young talents. After the tournament, I stayed for 6 months in Belasica, and I went to Skopje for an individual training with a professional trainer. Then, I was playing for the team of Gevgelija - Kozhuv, where my performances were followed by scouts from the team of Banik Most - Czech Republic. For six years I have been in the Czech Republic, and there I continued my career in Pribram, where I am currently playing. I play on the wing position and the central striker, so it is not by chance that my career abounds with many goals and assists, besides the undoubted technical talent - he joked.

Martina: How different is the approach of foreign football teams from Macedonian? Are they perhaps investing more and whether the future in football is more promising than in our country?

Zoran: The working conditions are incomparable. The financial aspect is certainly the wind in the back of the most successful international teams, which allows these conditions to develop. We are talking about field infrastructure, equipment, coaching capacities, training equipment and doctor’s team. It is hard to function optimally without any of these segments, and in our country; unfortunately, you have to deal with the lack of some of them (if not all). Also, the highly professional attitude of the coaching team, that always sees quality rather than a friendly attitude or a personal benefit from the parents of the players, may be the x factor for success at the individual, but also at team level. The decision of the sponsors to invest in one of the clubs is also facilitated, because they get a lot in return, which makes them both liquid. However, you must carry your will and motivation everywhere, whether you are in Macedonia, Czech Republic or England, without these things you cannot be successful. I do not know which of the mathematical variants of success is the most accurate, whether it needs more talent, or more training, but I know that dedication, the desire for success and very often the courage - are decisive for a long and successful career. Of course, temperament and discipline, which are not my strongest side - Danoski joked.

Martina: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And finally, what message would you send to young footballers from Macedonia?

Zoran: I am optimistic about my career, however, certainly not in Macedonia. Unfortunately, this is the message I want to send to the young people.

Reporter: Martina Biljarovska


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