Seeking for Day care center for people with disabilities - Association "Message" - Prilep

decembar 22 2017

The association "Message" (orig. Порака) from Prilep is a social club for people with intellectual disability and is established 3 years ago.

Two graduated defectologists are volunteering in the organization and take care of 25 club members. They work with the members on everyday activities, how to be functional in the society, as well as for the physical condition of these persons. Their intention is to become a Day care center, with full week schedule, 8 hours a day would be ideal for the members, and their parents who often do not work anything besides spending time with their children because they do not have time and could not leave their children alone - stated Simona Taneska, a defectologist in te organization.

The president of the organization - Mr. Rade Aljakoski stated that the financial support to the organization is too weak and they do not even have money to pay the defectologists who work for them. He is calling on the business sector to pay attention on those people, and refers on their non-engagement and inhumanity. He also have a child with disability and in the same time he is working with his kid, has a job and lead the organization.

People with disabilities represent one vulnerable group, which is still on the margins of society. They are often confronted with the problem of isolation in the environment in which they live. In addition to the unfavorable socio-economic relations of persons with special needs, the need for social protection in all spheres of the social life is necessary: health, education, labor relations and other activities - stated Mr. Aljakoski.

He later made a comparison with the day care centers abroad and the way these people are being treat there. Rade also stated that it is illogical that the state compensation to a fuming family is 3 to 4 times bigger than the compensation of the natural family, that takes care for the person with disabilities. Without any doubt, the situation in the EU countries is lot better, the financial situation is better as well, and the professionals who work for them are being respectively paid.

We do not ask for special rights of these people, only the rights according to the law. Regarding the financial situation of the day center, it can be improved with small amounts of money, we do not need huge donations - concluded Mr. Aljakoski.

Reporter: Martina Biljarovska

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