The budget requires a plan for solving Local problems

decembar 28 2017

Citizens of Prilep have been facing serious challenges for many years, for which they are seeking a solution and are looking to solve them. For that reason, the team of TV Sitel was on field in Prilep, where they were talking with Aleksandar Cvetkoski, anthropologist and ethnologist, custodian in the Tobacco Museum and president of the association ACTAC, with whom they talked about problems, seeking solutions and how it works. The team of ACTAC were also on field, shooting their article.

Aleksandar stated that there are services that are delivered to the citizens of the local self-government that are visible and those that are not visible. Citizens are dissatisfied with the visions and how they are accomplished, while for those who know more of the businessmen or some other categories as people with special needs, we have a duality in that perception. Regarding the services from the municipality towards the citizens, they mostly neglect the communal services, maintaining the city roads as one very important component of which they are strongly dissatisfied, and for years now, here are the education, the exercise of competences, the local economic development , funeral services and to a large extent - the social services that the local self-government delivers to the citizens.

The journalist pointed out that there are European standards that are accepted but asked what their implementation is in the work of the local self-government. Aleksandar responded that the implementation of standards at the national level is quite bad because we do not have human capacities. We are a huge problem of standards that will be accepted, the state should build expensive and quality and it builds expensive and low quality, which is not commendable. It should involve non-governmental organizations and citizens in monitoring the work of the local self-government in order to provide better and better services for the same money. There are many things to fix and to work diligently - Cvetkoski concluded.

Reporter from ACTAC: Martina Biljarovska

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