Nakon zatvaranja zaštitnih radionica “Vuk Karadžić” i “Metalac”,  u Nišu radi još samo jedna zaštitna radionica odnosno još jedno preduzeće za upošljavanje i profesionalnu rehabilitaciju osoba invaliditetom – „Elmont“.

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The Association for  promotion and protection of workers' rights Dignified Worker is formed in 2015, and their main goals and tasks are Protection and promotion of the rights of workers in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia; Protection and safety at work in the textile industry, agriculture, trade and other activities; Identification and prevention of labor exploitation and protection of victims of trafficking; Cooperation with civil society organizations (NGO sector), foundations and trade unions working on protection and promotion of workers' rights; Protection against mobbing and discrimination of workers; Special protection for young workers, women, older workers and pensioners.

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