Today is Bogojavljenie - Vodici

petak, 19 januar 2018 08:38

"Bogojavljenie" marks the ending of the "unbaptized days" that began at Christmas.

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Vevčanski karneval

ponedeljak, 15 januar 2018 19:19

Već 14 vekova u mestu Vevčani u blizini Ohridskog jezera u Makedoniji održava se karneval posvećen Svetom Vasilu Velikom koji se kao zaštitnik sela slavi 14. januara, na dan kada počinje i Nova godina po julijanskom kalendaru. Time su Vevčani 1993. godine postali deo Svetske federacije karnevalskih gradova.

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Alexander the great

četvrtak, 11 januar 2018 21:08

The kitsch statue, which depicts the ancient warrior king Alexander the Great is erected in the center of Prilep, continuing the story of building highly controversial monuments in  Macedonia.

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"Kolede" - Tradition and customs

petak, 05 januar 2018 20:39

The term "Kolede" in Rome is used to mark the first day of the new year "Calendae Januaris". And at the old Slavs we have God Koled. He was succeeded by St. Nikola and not only in our country, but worldwide.

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Monuments in Prilep - Latin lover

četvrtak, 04 januar 2018 00:56

On the square "Metodija Andonov Cento" in Prilep is a great monument of King Marko. The local government informs that the monument of "King Marko on a horse" is poured into bronze and is the work of the sculptor Vojdan Zabrov. It is 5 meters high. It is placed on a pavement of 3.70 meters.

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Citizens of Prilep have been facing serious challenges for many years, for which they are seeking a solution and are looking to solve them. For that reason, the team of TV Sitel was on field in Prilep, where they were talking with Aleksandar Cvetkoski, anthropologist and ethnologist, custodian in the Tobacco Museum and president of the association ACTAC, with whom they talked about problems, seeking solutions and how it works. The team of ACTAC were also on field, shooting their article.

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The association "Message" (orig. Порака) from Prilep is a social club for people with intellectual disability and is established 3 years ago.

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Football story - The thorny path to success

petak, 22 decembar 2017 20:47

Zoran Danoski is a 26 years old footballer from Prilep who plays for Pribram - in the second Czech league.

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On the occasion of the patron celebration of Prilep, "St. Nicholas", the Municipality of Prilep, in cooperation with the primary schools of the city, announces a rewarding competition on the topic "Humanity - the foundation in interpersonal relations". All pupils from elementary schools in the city can participate in the competition with their own short stories.

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The Library „Borka Taleski“ is a municipal public institution in the field of culture that meets the needs of the residents of the municipality of Prilep and its surroundings.

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